Crazy Rich Asians Sidecars with Black & White Houses

Tour Day(s)

By appointment

Operating Time

9am - 11pm

Tour Duration

2 hours

Tour Costs

$320 per pax, 2 hours approx


An awesome Crazy Rich Asian experience exploring movie locations and a unique and exclusive black and white colonial enclave by sidecar.

Explore the lush green surrounds of the enclave by sidecar, a former 1800’s Pepper Plantation, viewing dozens of real Crazy Rich Asian ‘good class’ bungalows and B&W properties spanning the full spectrum from bungalow to house to colonnaded mansion formerly home to Senior Officers, with the oldest dating from 1900, and many from 1935 when they were built for Far East Land, Sea and Air Forces.

Enquire soon. Slots are sure to fill fast!