Coming Soon: F1 Season Route
Ride the F1 Circuit during Grand Prix Season Singapore 2018

Tour Day(s)

Monday - Sunday

Operating Time

9am - 10pm

Tour Duration

60 / 120 / 180 mins

Meeting Place

By Appointment

Tour Mode

In Sidecars

Tour Costs

$160 / 60mins

EnquireComing Soon

In collaboration with Grand Prix Season Singapore 2018 and Singapore Tourism Board.

Experience exactly the same stunning Marina Bay backdrop as F1 night racers – it doesn’t get more real than this.

On this tour available only in the run-up to the world’s first Grand Prix Night Race, you ride parts of the F1 Track under the same lights and sights the competitors see

Ride sidecar around key parts of the F1 track, see up close the lights, sights. Zip past the stands, the skylines, the classic architecture and roads seen the world over during the F1 Night Race.

No other Singapore tour offers you a 1st hand actual experience on the F1 track, riding on an actual motorsport vehicle.

You will sit in an open race themed sidecar pod and don your race helmet, while your driver takes you around. You’ll be hands free, and able to take endless video and photos of your historic ride. All our sidecars pass stringent Land Transport Authority safety tests.

Choose the 120 mins option, and get to enjoy an extended heritage route ending with a local food experience. Winning Champagne optional!

More details coming soon!